About Me

Rory W. Schwartz


Broker Manager


Direct:  314-830-7219   E-Fax 314-830-7277   Cell:  314-574-1111


Rory was raised in the North County area of St. Louis with a strong real estate background, his enthusiasm for the field was formed at an early age.  He attended St. Louis University High School, Rockhurst College and University of Missouri St. Louis. Rory brings a strong marketing background with over 25 years of service in the real estate industry.


Real Estate is like no other business I have ever seen.  It is one of the most affordable ways for a person to start their own company.  Rory sees his job as a manager to partner with his agents and bring them the tools that will help them be successful; keep them at the forefront of technology and its uses in the real estate industry.


Throughout his 25 year career in real estate Rory’s resume includes Multimillion Dollar Agent, Top Sales Associate, Top Recruiter and Number 1 office in his area.  Having the experience of working through many different trend types brings the experience an agent needs in today’s marketplace.


“I have always thought of myself as a partner in real estate, My job as a manager is to research the tools, find out what is most affective and bring them to my agents, teach them how to be more affective and save them time and money.  Real Estate is a Service Industry and my clients are my agents.  If they can provide better service than the competition, I have done my job.”  Rory W. Schwartz